Joan Osborne Trouble And Strife

A World of Happiness

Joan Osborne - Breakfast in Bed

Saul Zonana - 42 Days

Looking Into You - A Tribute to Jackson Browne

Joan Osborne - Love and Hate

Joan Osborne - Bring it on Home

Chris Barron - Pancho and the Kid

K.P. Devlin - The Occidental Taurus

American Gangster

Ben Jelen - Give It All Away

Bob Dylan Uncovered

A.L.X - No Eyes For The Future

Nicole McKenna - Stay Awhile

LMNT - All Sides

Jon Graboff - For Christ's Sake!

K.P. Devlin - Shoot Down the Stars

Saul Zonana - Guinea Pigs

Joan Osborne - How Sweet It Is

Parlor James - Dreadful Sorry

Ben Jelen - Rejected

K.P. Devlin - Knowledge and Power

K.P. Devlin - Year of the Snake

Chris Baron - Angels And One-Armed Jugglers


     Joan Osborne - Songs of Bob Dylan

GIANT Fingers - GIANT Fingers

K.P. Devlin - Harlequin's Elbow